High Duo Strength Whitening


High Duo Strength Whitening Pack: 6 set Made in: Switzerland





skin whitening, anti-aging, support in the treatment of melasma, freckles


Ultrafiltrate Lyophilized Powder (6 vials)

Veniscy L—Glutathione l80,000mg

Veniscy Nonapeptide 3,200mg

Veniscy (Dimethylaminoethanol) DMAE 800mg

Veniscy Coenyme Q10 5,200mg

Veniscy Selenium 1,400mg

Ultrafiltrate Lyophilized Powder (6 vials) :

Aqua Skin Multivitamin 14,000mg

Aqua Skin Kojic Acid 1,000mg

Aqua Skin Copper Peptide 800mg

Aqua Skin Vegetal Placenta 1,300mg

Ultrafiltrate 5ML Composition (6 ampoules) :

Aqua Skin L-Ascorbic Acid 26,000mg

Aqua Skin Natural Collagen Extract 5,000mg

Aqua Skin Hyaluronic Acid 4,500mg

Aqua Skin (Epidermal Growth Factor) EGF 3,000mg

Aqua Skin (Alpha Lipoic Acid) ALA 2,400mg

Aqua Skin Matrixyl 3000 1,600mg

Ultrafiltrate 2ML Cell Therapy (6 ampoules)

Bioswiss ultraCell 1,000mg


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