Ohh white capsule


High performance skin care from Korea.Contains natural extracts with Super Antioxidant.Nourishes the skin from within. Reduces the melanin pigment.Deep skin cell renewal Accelerates the formation of collagen.The skin is full of moisture, white and clear. Ohh white helps reduce wrinkles, redness, scarring.Tighten pores Detoxification of the skin from chemical accumulation. Rejuvenate the skin with UV light and tighten the face to a slim V shape.

Change the rough skin. Let the white healthy.





L – Glutathione 2000000 mg.

Astaxanthin 10000 mg.

L – Cysteine ​​2000 mg.

Vitamin C 50000 mg.

Bioflavonoi 2000 mg.

Hyaluronic Acid 2500 mg.

Koji Berry 2000 mg.

B12 500 mg.

Raspberry Extract 1200 mg.

Grape seed Extract 1500 mg.

Acerola Cherry 3000 mg.

Mix Berry Extract 3000 mg.

Lecithin 4000 mg.

Biotin 3000 mg.

Inositol 60 mg.

Zinc 30 mg.


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